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The college is admitting students in the following classes:

a) Forms One to Five (Both Grammar and Commercial).

b) Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth (Arts, Science and Commercial).

c) Lower Sixth Special (Arts, Science and Commercial).

In Arts the following series are taught:

- LA1 French, English Literature, History

- LA2 History, Geography, Economics.


- LA4 Mathematics, Geography, Economics.

- LA5 Philosophy, Religious Studies, History.

In science the following series are taught:

- Ls1  Maths, Physics and Chemistry  

- Ls 2  Biology, Physics Chemistry 

- Ls 3  Biology, Maths and Chemistry 

- Ls 4 Biology, Geology and Chemistry       

- Ls5   Biology, Geography and Chemistry

- Ls6   Maths, Physics, Further  Maths and Chemistry  

- Ls7  Biology,  Maths, Physics and Chemistry